Things to See in Venice Italy – Tourist Attractions

Things to See in Venice Italy – Tourist Attractions

You’ll find many things to see in Venice Italy, whether you’re on a trip with the family, as a couple or just traveling alone. The city offers unique experiences for every traveler, and the Venice tourist attractions and history represents its former power and wealth.

Things to See in Venice Italy – Exceptionally Unique and Romantic City

Located on the Adriatic Sea in northern Italy, Venice is an exceptionally unique and romantic city, as it was built on over 100 islands connected to one another by several hundred picturesque bridges. Founded in the 5th century, Venice had by the 10th century become one of the most important trading and maritime powers in the world. Today, few places on the planet are so enchanting and intriguing, with tourist attractions promising visitors a decidedly mesmerizing experience.

Venice channel Venice channel

Tourist Attractions in Venice Italy – Piazza San Marco

Perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Venice, the Piazza San Marco is the open square home to the soaring bell tower, which dates from 1912, as well as the ornate Basilica di San Marco, completed in the 12th century, after St. Mark’s body returned from Egypt. The Palazzo Ducale, which was the seat of government for almost seven centuries and is now a museum, is also located on the Piazza San Marco. Built in 1591, the nearby Rialto bridge is probably Venice’s most famous bridge, and the nearby Rialto market features shops, restaurants, and a large farmer’s market.

St. Mark's Square and Campanile in Venice St. Mark's Square and Campanile in Venice The Rialto Bridge in Venice The Rialto Bridge in Venice

Things to See in Venice Italy

A trip to Venice in Italy would not be complete without exploring the city’s many museums, galleries, charming shops and other Venice tourist attractions. The neighboring island of Murano is especially well known for glass arts. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one the region’s most popular museums, housing a large modern art collection. The Palazzo Grassi, a former customs house, houses a museum with a large contemporary collection. There are certainly several indoor sights to visit and things to see in Venice Italy. But of course: simply strolling along Venice’s beautiful canals, enjoying the architecture and serene setting, is a truly special way to spend an evening. And these sorroundings are for sure also among the Venice tourist attractions.

Venice channel at San Donato, Murano Venice channel at San Donato, Murano

Things to Do in Venice Italy – Getting Around

Even getting around the city is in and of itself one of Venice’s highlights. A romantic gondola ride is a great way to relax with your companion, and one of the favourite things to do in Venice Italy. But for getting around the city, the vaporetti (water buses) are more efficient and easy to use. Water taxis are also available but they’re considerably more expensive. Venice’s Marco Polo Airport is located on the nearby mainland, where there is a major train station as well for easy connections to Europe and beyond. Several of Italy’s finest hotels are located in Venice, but you’ll also find many other types of accommodations, such as pensiones, hostels, and vacation rentals.

Venice gondola and gondolier Venice gondola and gondolier

If you’ve ever wondered what a city without cars would be like, a trip to Venice will give you an idea, and anyone lucky enough to visit this great city will certainly never forget it!

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