No destination on earth is like those in Italy. The food, history, romance and adventure is second to no other place in the world. People know names like Tuscany, Rome, Florence, Naples, The Vatican and Pisa. Yet it is a vast country, and today you are going to learn about one of its hidden treasures, Lazio.


Lazio is an ideal destination in Italy as it is so central in the country. Its capital is Rome and entire books are dedicated to seeing all of Rome alone. Rome holds some of the world’s greatest tourist treasures.

From The Vatican’s splendor and religious opulence, to the works of art and history that hang in its many museums, to its world class restaurants, there is something for everyone to do in Rome. Visit the ancient and wondrous Coliseum and see history at its finest.

People say that Rome is the world’s largest open air museum. Its ancient architecture alone a reason to visit, you can spend 2 days in Rome or 2 weeks and never run out of thing to do. Vatican City, the seat of earthly power to the Holy Roman Christian Church is a marvel.

The Vatican boasts eleven museums in its hallowed halls, as well as Michelangelo’s restored Sistine Chapel. A set of gardens knows as the Vatican gardens with pools of fish, and enclosures for other wildlife and fountains to be viewed are both charming and wondrous.

The Tiber River

The Tiber River flows through a good portion of Lazio and even Rome itself. A beautiful and historic river it boasts much history and wonderful views. The Milvian Bridge stretches across the river, and was constructed in ancient Roman tomes.

A piece of world history, important to Roman trade and a site of a famous battle, it should not be missed. It still operates as a top notch tourist destination and a pedestrian bridge for your pleasure.

Pons Fabricius

More famous is the Pons Fabricius, the oldest Roman Bridge in the world still in its original state. It was built 62 BC and still stands today, a testament to Roman craftsmanship. The Bridge stretches across half the river to Tiber Island, the ancient site of a Temple of Asclepius, and during the summer is host to Isola del Cinema film festival.


North of Rome lays the province of Viterbo. The ancient center of The Etruscans prior to Rome’s defeat of them, the area has also been a hideaway for Pope’s and religious figures alike in times of strife. Many beautiful Etruscans tombs and sites can still be seen and visited.

The city of Veio is a historic site, once being the Etruscans most prosperous city. For museum buffs visit Vulci, Tarquinia, and Villa Giulia for excellent Etruscan collections.

Hadrian’s Villa

Further East you can find Hadrian’s Villa and many examples of Italian Monasteries. This area claims the birthplace of the Benedictine order, as well as many sites of famous battles of World War 2. If you are a World War 2 war buff, to the South of Rome is the fishing village Anzio.

The area south of Rome also contains some of the best wine country in the world for people who love visiting vineyards and their tasting rooms.

Pontine Archipelago

Lazio’s more adventurous travelers can head to Pontine Archipelago, where scuba divers all over the world pilgrimage to in order to see its diverse sea life and abundant sea beds. The two main Islands that offer accommodations to travelers are Ponza, a holiday favorite, and Ventotene.

With beaches for swimming and particularly good boating, island lovers will find the Archipelago perfect for all your needs. Ponza and Ventotene hold many secrets. Places of archeological significance are sure to quench the thirst of any history buff visiting Lazio. The Island of Zannone is lush and green. It is the site of a nature reserve which is perfect for a day visit.

Do not miss the ruins of an old Benedictine convent while you are here, and all the islands have a wide range of itinerary suggestions. Water sports such as swimming, boasting, jet skiing, and even fishing are all suggested.


With a large national parks system to take advantage off you might wish to hike around, or swim, or canoe at Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano. The park sports two beautiful lakes to attract sailors.

If the mountains are your cup of tea, the enjoy hiking, climbing and mountain biking in the areas many peaks, including Terminillo, Leonessa and Arcinazzo.


For those who want to be pampered the area of Lazio has some of the best spas anywhere. The spas specialize in offering relaxation in an ancient setting, with the newest, star of the art techniques. The town of Fiuggi in particular is ripe with spa treatments to melt you and refresh your spirit.

Sports fans can even find a thriving community of soccer and all manner of other sports to wind the day away with. Truly this area is one every person should see in their life time. No matter what your preference, Lazio should be your first destination choice.

Getting here

Getting here is easy; it is a premier tourist destination for travelers all over the world. With Mediterranean cruises and ships by the hundreds coming and going everyday perhaps you will travel by sea.

With its many airports landing hundreds of planes a day maybe you will fly in like the Roman gods of old. However you get here just make sure to experience all you can before you wing away.

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