Campania is a relatively small, seismically active, region of southern Italy that borders the Tyrrhenian sea. The ancient land of Campania has existed since the Roman Empire and has long been a cultural hotspot for the arts, gastronomy, architecture, animal breeding and philosophy. Indeed, Campania was once home to philosophers of the Pre-Socratic school, such as Zeno and Parmenides.


But Campania is perhaps best known, at least in the realms of philosophy and art, for its prestigious painters. From School of Resina and School of Posillipo artists Giancinto Gigante to Federico Cortest, Domenico Morellia to Saverio Altamura, there is no shortage of great artists from this volcanic, coastal land.


Campania is also home to many aspiring swordsmen and houses a fencing school in Naples which is the oldest in the country, it is the sole school in all of Italy where a fencer can gain the title, “Master of Swords”, which enables him or her to teach the ancient and subtle art of fencing.

The regions other sports include but are not limited to, volleyball, football, water polo, basketball and tennis and various rowing and sailing clubs.

Tiberius Julius Caesar

In a land with such a twisted and storied past there are no shortage of personalities and events that leap to the forefront of the mind’s imagination; foremost among these to many is Tiberius Claudius Nero.

He would later come to be known as Tiberius Julius Caesar, via an adoption by Augustus, as well one of the most celebrated and powerful generals in Rome’s entire history. In his tenure as general he conquered Pannonia, Dalmatia, Raetia and temporarily, Germania, these victories secured the foundations for the northern empire.

His ties to Campania, however, arose near the end of his rule when he retired there in his pleasure palace after the death of his son; he was regarded as the gloomiest of men and many dark rumors surround his time in Campania.


Accompanying him in both his Germanic raids and subsequent retirement was his heir, Caligula, the man who would later grow up to bring about the downfall of the Julius line and become known as one of Rome’s most crazed and bloodthirsty tyrants.

Operation Avalanche

More recently, in 1943 Campania was the site of the US. Attack, Operation Avalanche on the Capital of Salerno and for several months housed King Victor Emmanuel the Third during the time of the Capital Kingdom of Italy.

Food industry

The main pillars of Campania’s economy is it’s food industry which primarily consists of fruits and vegetables but has been very expanding and now produces a great deal of greenhouse grown flowers. In addition, Campania produces a solid fifty percent of Italy’s nuts and is also the prime leader in the production of tomatoes.

Production of tomatoes reaches well over one point five tons each year. This is good, for there are over five point eight million inhabitants in Campania alone.

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