Calabria is a Southern Italy region which forms the “toe” of the boot. Calabria is the southernmost region in Italy and it is characterized by Mediterranean climate, ranging from high temperature in the summer (typically 86 degrees Fahrenheit) to extremely low temperature in the winter along the coastline.


In antiquity, Calabria was known as “Bruttium” and “Italia”. It is an agriculturally-rich region, boasting a large amount of olive tree plantations and essence oil that’s considered to be the best in the world. Calabria’s hinterland is known for its unpolluted and untouched scenery, with green belts alternating with waterfalls and blue lakes.

Calabria has been attracting many tourists in the past years, with its beautiful mountains, coastline alternating between clean sand and rugged riffs, and a wonderful crystal Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas around it.

Food and Wine

Calabria’s cuisine is a delightful southern Italian Mediterranean cuisine including meat dishes, vegetables and of course, fish. Local specialties like Caciocavallo cheese, special pasta dish with chickpeas, and Pignolata are especially mouth-watering.

In antiquity, Calabria was named Etonia, or the “land of wine.” Wine is a completely separate topic in Calabria. Most of the region’s wine is red wine, produced from Gaglioppo grapes. The region’s most famous wines are Ciro and Donnici.

Magna Graecia

Region’s National Museum of Reggio Calabria has two bronze statues of two warrior heroes from the epoch of Magna Graecia, which was very important historical time period for the region.

The cradle of Magna Graecia, Calabria has still preserved its old monasteries, churches, castles and old towns. Pentedattilo is an impressive old village in southern Calabria. The site was probably first inhabited in “Magna Graecia” period.


Its capital, Catanzaro, is famous for its clear sea and beautiful mountains. The region houses the Cathedral monument and a statue Madonna with Child by Antonello Gagini da Messina dating back to the 16th century. Another point of interest is Villa Trieste, which is surrounded by breathtaking gardens with rare plants and marble busts of the region’s famous people.

Museo Provinciale holds ancient finds and old coin collections. One of Catanzaro’s municipalities, named Borgio, is known for its archeological site with remains of mausoleums, aqueducts, ancient streets and theaters.


Soverato, the first touristic city of the region, has a lively nightlife. Catanzaro is known as a maritime region, and it offers a place for water skiing, diving and wind-surfing. The Gulf of Squillace has a lot of discotheques and night clubs. You can also go trekking (multi-day hiking through picturesque areas), orienteering (navigation sport through scenic areas as well), mountain-biking, and rock climbing.

A Note of Warning

English is not as widely spoken in Calabria as in the northern regions; to get by, some Italian knowledge would be useful or even an acquaintance with the local Calabresi language.

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