Located in Southern Italy, Apulia borders the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the southeast. The southern most point of the region forms the heel of the “boot” of Italy. The region is densely populated with fantastic views and beautiful geography.

The region is better known throughout the world as Puglia which is filled with numerous towns and must-see sites that no traveler to Italy should miss.


Apulia makes for the perfect vacation spot in either summer or winter due to it’s mild climate. The summers here are hot with temperatures reaching 30 C (86 F) and the winters reaching temperatures of 10 C (50 F).

The region sees more sunshine than rainy days, making it one of the best spots in Italy for a beach vacation. In fact, it is one of the most popular regions for vacationers to hit the sun and sand while in Italy due to its warm summer temperatures and mild winters.

History of Apulia

Apulia was first colonized by the Mycenaean Greeks in 8th Century BC and during the succeeding centuries, the Greeks developed a distinctive style of pottery known as Apulian vase painting. The Romans conquered the area and during the Imperial age, it was a production hub for grain and oil, becoming the largest exporter to the Eastern provinces.

Dining in Apulia

The cuisine in Apulia mostly mirrors the rest of Italy. The primary locally produced ingredients include artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms and olive oil.


Apulia is easily accessible by practically any mode of transportation. The Ban Palese International Airport has flights coming in from all corners of the world. The train from Rome takes about 5 hours and can get busy. It is also accessible by car and boat with several ferry services several times a day leaving from Greece.


Apulia has accommodations that will suit any kind of traveler. For example, it is possible to rent a house, apartment or hotel room for any budget. For the longer term visitor, it is possible to rent villas for long term stays.

Tourist Attractions in Apulia

Apulia has an abundance of things to see and do. Visitors can see The Trulli of Alberobello which gives the feeling of wandering back in time, Centro Storico, Lecce for a wonderful mix of the old world meets the new and the Jonian Dolphin Conservation to see these magnificent animals in a natural habitat.