The Lombards in Italy – The History of a Kingdom

The Lombards are the people who gave their name to the italian region of Lombardy. Germanic by origin, the tribe subsequently enjoyed a 200-year tenure in Italy. They were settled until around the 4th century AD and then began a large southward migration from northwestern Germany southwards into northern Italy. On the way, the Longobards engaged in the usual wars and land invasions common at the time.

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Things to Do in Naples Italy

Naples is one of the most underappreciated italian travel destinations, and that’s exactly why you should book a trip to this amazing, culturally unique destination that has so much to offer travelers. Why should you take the trip? Let’s look at things to do in Naples, Italy for your next trip.

Things to See in Florence Italy – Attractions and Sights

There are so many things to see in Florence Italy. The attractions and sights you find in this stunning city are among Europe’s finest. Florence is the largest city in Tuscany, and it is most well known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Florence has one of the most beautiful and well-preserved historic city centers in Europe, and Florence in Italy is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Italian Christmas Traditions

Christmas time is special almost everywhere, and every country has differing ways of celebrating the festival. The Italians, with their love of family, faith and food, are no different. So, if you’re invited to Italy for Christmas, how should you expect to celebrate it. What are the italian christmas traditions?