Italian Truffles – A Culinary Experience

Italian truffles are a highly prized part of the culinary experience, not only in Italy, but also around the world. They have been greatly sought after for centuries and, as the rarest variety is resistant to artificial attempts at cultivation, are still harvested from the wild in the same way they always have been.

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Barolo – King of Italian Wines

Barolo is a wine created from the high tannin, thin-skinned and acidic Nebbiolo grape. It has historically been a wine with very high tannin content, meaning that it had to be aged for a decade or longer before it became appetizing enough to be enjoyed. Barolo has been undergoing a change, though.

Things to Do in Naples Italy

Naples is one of the most underappreciated italian travel destinations, and that’s exactly why you should book a trip to this amazing, culturally unique destination that has so much to offer travelers. Why should you take the trip? Let’s look at things to do in Naples, Italy for your next trip.

4 Reasons You Need to See Milan

Milan is a city on the top of many people’s must-see travel lists – why? Because it’s a unique historical city full of stunning sights and experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. But if you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge and visiting Milan, consider the following amazing experiences that make Milan more than worth a travel trip.