Urbino Italy – Renaissance and Tourism

Urbino Italy – Visit the Town

Urbino Italy is unique in that it has been designated as a World Heritage Site, due to its preservation of medieval, renaissance architecture and centuries buildings. If a typical town that says old Italy is what you wish to visit, Urbino in the italian region of Marche is the place. If you want to explore a town that will take you into a different place and time that reminds you of princesses, knights and adventure, Urbino Italy is the right choice for your travel.

Urbino Landscape

Urbino is a very hilly town, with the beautiful greenery that you would ordinarily find in the Italian countryside. The whole of the town is 88 square miles, which is just large enough for attractions, colleges and shops. The town of Urbino is small, granting tourists the ability to explore the old town with leisure. There are a number of hotels available in the area, as well as many world heritage sights to be seen while you are on an exploration vacation.

Cultural Beginnings of Urbino Italy

Urbino Italy - The Ducal Palace, MarcheUrbino Italy has a long-standing history with the Pope, Gothic wars, and the royal Italian family. One of the largest and most tempting places in town to visit is the Ducal Palace of Urbino. This palace first belonged to the Montefeltro family, began by the Duke Federico III da Montefeltro. The palace boats of elaborate, priceless artwork on the walls, and has a number of Biblical statues and depictions. On a high hill, the Ducal Palace can be seen from a number of places in town and is one of the highlights of Urbino well known to many. This 15th century palace is one of very few in the world that remains with such age.

Urbino Renaissance

The famous Renaissance artist Raphael is from the town of Urbino and many of his works are still housed there. His home, called Casa Natale di Raffello, and some of his works are still located in his hometown and can be viewed during a trip to Urbino.

Urbino Italy Tourism and Activities

The town is reachable via mass transit in Italy, or a car can be rented to explore the small, quaint town. The downtown area in Urbino hosts many different museums, which are a tourist highlight during all seasons.

In the town of Urbino Il Portico on Via Mazzini operates as a small bookshop, restaurant, and gathering space. Much like everything else in this well-kept town, there is a homey feel and stately culture that still exists in all of the town spaces.

If art is, what you came to see, Art Café is a hot spot in the town. This space is a mixture of modern and eclectic decoration and is one of the best places for locals and tourists to connect.

Urbino Italy - Cathedral, MarcheOnce a religious expedition, Cattedrale di Urbino is one of the most popular cathedrals in all of Italy. Much like the rest of the town, the Urbino Cathedral has beautiful and adored artworks along with beautiful carvings that cannot be found in most other cities.
If you want to have a little more fun during the nighttime, consider the Tartufi Antiche Bonta to sample true Italian food in this hilly town. This restaurant is usually packed, and offers Italian truffles, Italian cheeses, sausages, and beautiful wines that can only be found in a true Italian city.

The Mamiani Hotel Urbino is the highest rated hotel within the Urbino city limits. This hotel offers a restaurant, reflective pool for guests to use, and undeniably beautiful views of the green countryside of this historic town. A trip to Urbino Italy would not be complete without enjoying a little modern luxury while exploring this antique city.