Things to Do in Naples Italy

If you ask most people who love Italian culture and travel if they’ve traveled to Naples, the answer is probably going to be a solid “no”. Naples is one of the most underappreciated Italian travel destinations – and that’s exactly why you should book a trip to this amazing, culturally unique destination that has so much to offer travelers. Why should you take the trip? Let’s look at things to do in Naples in Italy and the Campania region for your next trip.

The Pizza in Naples is an Art Form

Italy is renowned for its food, particularly its pizza and pasta – but even born-and-raised italians will admit that the very best pizza in Italy can be found in only one place: Naples. Naples is the birthplace of the modern pizza, and the city has raised pizza from a staple snack to a true art form. Trying out one of these should certainly be among the things to do in Naples, Italy. If you want authentic Italian pizza that will have you raving to your friends back home, Naples is the place to go. The best restaurants are those on the Via dei Tribunal, although you may want to skip the more touristy pizzerias because of the long wait times.

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Things to Do in Naples, Italy – For the Archeology Lover

Many people visit nearby Pompeii to see the famous ruins, but did you know most of the artifacts from that famous city are actually in Naples? The city of Naples is home to several fantastic museums, including an outstanding archeological museum that houses most of the sculptures, pottery and other remnants and attractions from Pompeii and other ancient cities that were destroyed in the wake of the Vesuvius eruption. This museum is the “National Archaeological Museum of Naples”. If you’re an archeology lover and looking for things to do in Naples, Italy, a close look at the archeological past of Italy and Naples should absolutely be on your list.

Things to Do in Naples Italy – For the Art Lover

Most people head for the more well-known italian museums to see some of the greatest art in history, but Naples has one of the diamonds in the museum world: the Capodimonte. The Capodimonte exhibits artwork from some of the most beloved painters of all time, including Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Titian, and even modern art from painters such as Andy Warhol. One of the best parts of the Capodimonte is that, unlike the bigger italian museums, it is not usually packed to the brim with tourists and you can enjoy a relatively less chaotic experience with the artwork.

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There are Things to Do in Naples Italy for Any Type of Traveler

Would you rather visit a quiet city that is laid-back and peaceful? Or a city that’s bustling with life, sounds and lights? Then visit Naples! During the daytime, Naples is a relatively quiet city with a laid-back attitude – shops close for long lunches, there’s not much of a hurry, and everything has an idyllic, almost small town feel. In the evening, however, Naples comes alive! The streets are filled with shoppers, sight-seers, and people walking to some of Naples best nightlife hotspots. Naples boasts some great evening hotspots, including restaurants, bars, and even dance clubs. The city of Naples truly is the best of both worlds, and everyone would surely find things to do in Naples, Italy.