4 Reasons You Need to See Milan

Milan is a city on the top of many people’s must-see travel lists – why? Because it’s a unique historical city full of stunning sights and experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. But if you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge and visiting Milan, consider the following amazing experiences that make Milan in the Lombardy region more than worth a travel trip.

Walking on the Duomo of Milan

The Duomo is the most famous cathedral in Milan, and is a definite must-see destination for anyone interested in stunning historical architecture. But the best part of a visit to the “Duomo di Milano” is one that is often overlooked, even by seasoned travelers: a walk on the roof!

You can actually take an elevator to the top of the building and walk around on the roof of this beautiful cathedral, taking in a view of Milan from up on high. If you’re feeling particularly fond on heights, you can even walk up a special staircase on the roof and see the tallest spire of the cathedral (called the “Little Madonna”) up close!

See the Last Supper

No trip to Milan is complete without a visit to see “The Last Supper”. Seeing an actual Leonardo da Vinci painting in person is an experience that anyone, from an art critic to an everyday cultural traveler, will appreciate for the rest of their lives. Tickets to see The Last Supper should always be booked in advance.

In order to protect the work, there is a limit on how many people can view the piece per day – sometimes, tickets to see The Last Supper sell out months in advance! So be sure to book ahead of time or book a tour with a group that includes pre-booked tickets to see it. The Last Supper is located at The Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Enjoy an Aperitivo in Milan

While Milan is full of rich cultural history to explore, it’s not all cathedrals or museums—there is plenty to do for the social butterfly who wants to experience some of Milan’s rich social activities as well.

Aperitivo or apéritif is a unique italian practice that is especially popular and refined in Milan–in short, Aperitivo is a period in between work and dinner where you enjoy drinks and snacks with friends, colleagues and even strangers. There are even bars which specialize in Aperitivo; these bars often have the best drink and snack selection!

Walk the Streets of Quadrilatero d’Oro

“Quadrilatero d’Oro” is the most popular fashion shopping district of Milan, which is considered the fashion capital of Italy. The streets of Quadrilatero d’Oro are filled with high-end boutiques and more modest fashion stores that offer the fashion-savvy traveler plenty of delights.

Quadrilatero d’Oro is the place to be for anyone who wants to experience the unique shopping culture of Milan, where high end, elite boutiques mixed with savvy fashion stores that are sure to please any shopper. And if you’re not up for spending money, people watching is more than reason to visit this bustling district.