Acqualagna – The Truffle Capital

Are you looking for somewhere to visit that is rich in history but isn’t constantly overcrowded with tourists? Do you love unique, delicious and rich food? Then you should consider checking out Acqualagna.

Acqualagna is a somewhat unknown but financially and culturally important municipality in Marche, a central italian region. Acqualagna is often described by both locals and visitors as a charming and historically rich destination, due to the presence of various historical buildings and regions still present in the area.

But there is one thing that Acqualagna is well known for above anything else: its truffles.

The Truffle Capital of Italy

Acqualagna is truly considered the truffle capital of Italy, if not the one of the truffle capitals of the world. In fact, 2/3 of Italy’s wholesale truffle production and sale is located in Acqualagna; a significant part of that trade is international, with countries such as Germany, Holland, Canada, Belgium and the United States being the most frequent buyers.

Although the people who sell and make truffle products keep their trade secrets well-kept and hidden from outsiders, there is no denying.

Truffles are considered the lifeblood of the area. They are so culturally and financially important to the region that there are actually multiple truffle festivals and special events held in the area throughout the year.

International food traders as well as food-loving travelers come from all over the world to sample, buy and taste the delicious truffles that Acqualagna has to offer most often during these peak festival periods, although the area is a place of trade all year round.

The Acqualagna Truffle Festival

Although the area hosts multiple fairs and festivals related to truffles throughout the year, including a popular fair in the summer, it is the Acqualagna Truffle Festival which is considered the biggest and most important.

Thousands of people flock to the area from all over the world to attend the Acqualagna Truffle Festival, where the best of the best truffles straight from Acqualagna and Italy in general are featured and celebrated.

The Acqualagna Truffle Festival is referred to locally as the National Truffle Fair, and takes place in the last two weeks of October into November. Vendors from the area as well as other regions of Italy are featured in the event, and is the perfect time to taste the many truffle products offered: including truffle butter, truffle oil, truffle sauce, truffle with cheese, and so much more.

White truffles are considered the star of this particular festival, but other types of truffles are also sold and used in the variety of products offered to festival-goers. This includes Acqualagna’s other famous truffle, the black truffle.

If you are a true lover of truffles and you want to attend the biggest and most vibrant celebration of truffles in Acqualagna, you should definitely consider visiting during the Acqualagna Truffle Festival.

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