Things to do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Vacation and Excursions

There are several things to do in The Amalfi Coast Italy for your vacation or excursions. The Amalfi Coast is quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about travel destinations in the world — and for a very good reason!

A vacation to The Amalfi Coast is filled with everything you could want in a destination: Not only is it filled with stunning views and unforgettable sights, it can cater to just about any type of traveler; from those looking forward to a relaxing vacation and to take in the natural beauty of the Italian coast to someone hoping to enjoy some fine Italian cultural arts, all the way to visitors looking for some fun night life or challenging excursions and activities.

In other words, there really is something for everyone!

The Amalfi Coast is situated in the southern part of the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy. The best way to check out the coast is to fly to Naples, rent a vehicle and drive down to Sorrento. If you make Sorrento your starting point, you can enjoy several days of vacation visiting the jewel locations of the Amalfi Coast in Italy at your leisure.

Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Positano

Positano is a good location to start when exploring the Amalfi Coast. When you arrive in Positano, stop and walk around town. Chances are that you have spotted it before in commercial breaks on TV.

Once a little fishing town, it is today popular with the intercontinental crowd and some celebrities who stay at Positano’s excellent hotels when travelling to the Amalfi Coast for a relaxing vacation. Most houses appear like small boxes painted white with bougainvilleas growing along the walls.

Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Excursions

Up for a nature walk? The Trail of the Gods, or Sentiero degli Dei, is a nature lover’s dream. This unique hiking path is the perfect way to spend the morning and afternoon, if you don’t mind all the walking! And the path lies on your way to the Amalfi town from Positano.

This well-known hiking path begins in the village of Bomerano and will take you through a hiking tour that passes natural caves, a gorge, splendid vineyards, and views that will last you a lifetime. The full trail will take about four and a half hours to hike, assuming you are walking at a natural pace; the trail can be a perfect way to escape from the crowds, but a caveat: like any popular hiking path, it can get crowded during the peak seasons.

Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Ravello

A visit to the small town of Ravello is also recommended for your vacation. Ravello is rightfully among the top “must-sees” of just about any worthwhile travel guide. Ravello is a charming small town with unforgettable views of the coast, yearly summer music concerts ideal for soaking in the local culture, and, best of all, the stunning gardens of the 11th-century villa, Villa Cimbrone.

The fragrant gardens, which are worth a trip to Ravello on their own, are an ideal choice for a spring or summer afternoon. Visitors who want to stay longer in Ravello can rent a room at the Villa Cimbrone, which has been turned into a local hotel. In Ravello, you will see white washed houses resting on the hills with gardens planted with lemon, vines and olive trees. It’s a great traveler location, and the beauty of the city, and its allure, has encouraged its guests and inhabitants for centuries.

Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Arechi Castle

Are you interested in history, architecture or unique museums? Arechi Castle is a fortress-turned-castle, which dates all the way back to the 8th century! The castle is located on a high hill in Salerno. But Arechi Castle is more than just a unique historical site: its location on top of the hill, offers heavenly views and gorgeous sights that you will wish you could capture forever.

The interior of the castle also hosts a museum with real artifacts for those interested in some local history; during the summer there may also be unique concerts held on the castle grounds, although this varies by season.

Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast Italy – Food and Wine

Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are found in the Campania region, and typical southern dishes are most likely to show up. Among those are pasta, pizza, fish and citrus fruits. If you’ve never had mozzarella and tomato salad, you’ll undoubtedly have it there.

It’s called “Insalata Caprese” named after the Island of Capri. The popular San Marzano tomato plant that is cultivated nearby, together with silky soft mozzarella cheese, olive oil and basil, will surely make a delightful dish.

And let’s not forget about the wines. The area’s rich volcanic ground, is an ideal place to grow grapevines, and despite the fact that wines from this zone are not famous around the world, they are just as good as more well-known italian ones. Wine at lunch and dinner is usually presented in small carafes, but you can even purchase wines by the bottle.

Don’t miss finishing off your restaurant visit with a dark espresso, just as the local people do.