Boccadasse at the End of Corso Italia

The former secluded fishing village Boccadasse is now part of Genoa and awakened at night. The village consists of pastel colored narrow buildings, “holding together” so they do not slip into the sea.

Try the Boccadasse fish restaurants and ice cream parlors

There are great fish restaurants and ice cream parlors well placed along the small stone beach towards the sea. In the summer time, a soft ice cream is something you absolutely must try here. It is among the best in Genoa.

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For the locals, the romantic village with beautiful sea view, is especially popular in summer weekends. There is an atmosphere of chatter, laughter and sea air, but when the sky begins to turn orange, everyone looks to the horizon and silence takes over.

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Boccadasse is at the end of the “Corso Italia”

Boccadasse is a bit like Cinque Terre, but the area is smaller and does not have as much tourist traffic. The fishing village is at the end of the promenade of Genoa, “Corso Italia” and it is a good idea to walk the three kilometers along the promenade.

The area has retained its old character with almost no car traffic.

Pictures from Boccadasse:

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