The Lombards in Italy – The History of a Kingdom

The Lombards are the people who gave their name to the italian region of Lombardy. Germanic by origin, the tribe subsequently enjoyed a 200-year tenure in Italy. They were settled until around the 4th century AD and then began a large southward migration from northwestern Germany southwards into northern Italy. On the way, the Longobards engaged in the usual wars and land invasions common at the time.

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Leonardo da Vinci – Interesting Facts

Leonardo da Vinci turned his prodigious talents to mathematics, anatomy, engineering, invention and much more. There are many interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci, and what hasn’t already been said about this Italian genius? Leonardo da Vinci was born in a small town in Tuscany, and it seemed like almost nothing was beyond him.

Italian Truffles – A Culinary Experience

Italian truffles are a highly prized part of the culinary experience, not only in Italy, but also around the world. They have been greatly sought after for centuries and, as the rarest variety is resistant to artificial attempts at cultivation, are still harvested from the wild in the same way they always have been.

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Urbino Italy – Renaissance and Tourism

Urbino Italy is unique in that it has been designated as a World Heritage Site, due to its preservation of medieval, renaissance architecture and centuries buildings. If a typical town that says old Italy is what you wish to visit, Urbino in the italian region of Marche is the place.

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Maria Montessori – Doctor and Teacher

Dr. Montessori spent her lifetime defying norms. She trained as a doctor when few women did, was appointed a lecturer in one of the two female-only teacher training colleges in Italy at the time, and worked intensively with disabled children so that they were able to pass the standard public examinations for schoolchildren.